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Dream. Calculate. Renovate. Be Free!

We provide an effective and powerful way to start your Renovation!

Speed & Security

Better Understand


Focus & Reliability

With the Right Basis, Great Things Can Happen

We understand how difficult it is to make the right decision when it comes to investing in a renovation. That is why we decided to bring to the market a solution that is the foundation for a safe start and covers all the necessary steps for you to be successful in the end.

What We Offer

We offer a digital solution that allows you to identify the modernisation potential for a specific property. Our services support you in the process to gather all the necessary information as simple as possible.

As a result, you receive a realistic cost estimate that is adapted to the changing market.


That Work

We help you collect all the necessary information about a property and give you a picture of its potential. You receive guideline values for the renovation from us.

In further steps, we can refine your wishes and adjust the cost estimate on an ongoing basis.


Our digital solution covers all the steps for you to be confident and start your renovation with a true cost and no surprises.

We comply with SIA standards.

Schweizerische Ingenieur- und Architektenverein SIA

Comprehensive Customer Support

Our customer service provides you with comprehensive support on the way to your dream property. On request, we also offer additional services such as architecture, project management, builder's representation, putting together a team of craftsmen and the recommendation of financial institutions and insurance companies.

Smart Automation Tools

We give you tools to take control over your renovation, decide what level of service is right for you.
Stress-free, simple and transparently.

It's that Easy!

Built for Renovators, by Experts

Unleash your creativity and get the results you want!
We help you to take the first step and if necessary we can guide you to the final result.


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What Our Clients Say

“I bought a house and didn't know how far my money would go for renovation needs.

I found at B4SIS the necessary support to realise my dreams step by step!”

Adrian E.,

“As an expat, it was difficult to know the renovation process in Switzerland.
B4SIS accompanied me during the whole process. Their experience gave me the necessary security.

After 5 months we could successfully move into our dream house.”

Alex S.,

“I was looking for a new home for my family. B4SIS was a great help in determining the potential of the property. Their compilation was also much more detailed than the estimate we received from the bank.”

Luis G.,

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Start now to make your dreams of a renovated home come true!

You only need to fill in the form on the right and we will start the first step towards your renovation.

And even better, it's totally free!

We never ask for any financial details, such as credit card numbers.

Choose your property type
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